Yachts sales
Investments in yachting

Place funds abroad and get passive income in euros from renting a yacht in Croatia

How does it work ?
Choose the amount of investment
Determine the amount of investments. Optimal investment amount from 130,000 euros to 600,000 euros
Yacht selection

We select a yacht taking into account the size of the investment and your personal preferences

Attraction of leasing funds

You pay up to 40% of the cost of the yacht, the remaining amount is covered by the leasing company.

Transfer of the yacht for rent (charter)

By renting, the yacht pays for leasing payments, expenses and brings you additional income

Exit from investment

After 5-7 years, you can keep the yacht or sell it for maximum income and, if you want, enter the second round of investments

Calculation example

When you invest €200,000 in an Elan E6 yacht for 7 years with leasing, your yield will be about 23.2%

Investments: €200,000

- The cost of the new Elan E6: €590,000

- Your investment: €200,000

(The remaining amount is covered by leasing financing)

Income: €1,156,000

- Charter income: €94,500 per year

- Income from the sale of the yacht: 495,000

Expenses: €800,000

- Maintenance of the yacht + leasing: 71,000 per year

- Redemption payment: €118,000

- Your initial payment: €200,000

Total Profitability: 23.2%

- Net profit for 7 years: 334,000

- Your investment: €200,000

Income in euros
Income in euros

The yacht is rented in the European Union, so you get income in foreign currency

Independence from the state
Independence from the state

The Yacht can be transported anywhere in the world

Safety of funds
Safety of funds

Keep money in a solid asset that is not so prone to crises

Free vacation

Relax on your own yacht
From 2 to 6 weeks a year
In the Mediterranean

We undertake

The purchase of a yacht and the registration of investments.

We open a company in Croatia, a bank account, help you choose a yacht, interact with suppliers, place an order and receive a yacht

Receipt and preparation of the yacht for charter

We accept and assemble a yacht, prepare it for rent, register, arrange insurance and other documents


Charter management

We monitor the condition of the yacht, service, fix problems, interact with customers and agencies, solve all emerging issues

Why us?
Why us?
Year of starting work in yachting

The yacht was purchased in 2023 through the investment program

Yachts in management
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