Yachts sales
Why Elan?
We sell those yachts we are confident in.
First of all, "ELAN" is a Slovenian shipyard with over 70 years of experience. Over the years, Elan has proven the quality of its products to its customers.
Innovative technologies applied in everything. The boat hull or interior equipment makes Elan truly a leader in its class.
We cannot fail to mention the quality of Elan's work with clients.
The shipyard has never failed in the delivery of yachts.
All yachts were produced on time.
In case of malfunctions, the shipyard immediately responds and eliminates them.
Elan is a reliable partner and a quality yacht.
Safety guarantee
All property is insured by the world's largest insurance companies. Insurance covers the full cost of the yacht, including the possible loss of charter income. The insurance rate does not exceed 1% of the value of the vessel.
Financing guarantee
Our partners are the largest leasing companies. The lease approval process has been tested and built over the years.
Quality assurance
We have always met our clients halfway. Therefore, we will always be happy to help you in solving any problems: with the selection of a yacht, equipment, ordering, receipt, equipment, preparation, insurance, yacht registration, etc.
Elan Factory Warranties

The "Elan" factory gives a guarantee for all models of its yachts.
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