Yachts sales
Investment in yachting

There are a lot people who are looking for an opportunity to invest their funds into a business located in the Eurozone.

We propose such an option.

Yacht as an investment object.

Property is getting cheaper over time
Requires constant maintenance and control
Business abroad
Stable rental income
Income in Euro
Shorter payback period then in real estate
Business, although it is similar to renting real estate, but the yacht is movable and in case of political problems can be transferred to any world region
The property is insured for all the risks
How it works?
You make the amount of investment decision.
The ability to buy a yacht not only with your own funds, but also using the leasing services, which is very attractive in Croatia. After all, the cost of money here is not large, from 2.3% to 4% per year.
We select a yacht and calculate the projected profitability.
In the selection, we argue why are we buying this particular vessel. We also provide market analysis for this vessel and a short financial plan.
We complete the yacht.
Taking our experience into account, we select the additional equipment. We come to the exact cost and timing of receiving the yacht.
You make an advance payment for the yacht.
It is from 20% of the yacht cost. There is a opportunity to make an advance payment for an individual or a legal entity.
Opening a company.
We can help you from start to finish, or we can do it for you! Up to keeping records.
We conclude a charter management agreement.
We are able to take the vessel/vessels for management (service and control). This is most often the case.
If the funding attraction is needed.
We can prepare all the documents required for leasing approval. We can also submit all these documents for you.
Receiving the yacht.
We are also able the transfer of the yacht from the shipyard to the base marina.
Yacht equipment.
We complete the yacht with the necessary equipment. It is much better to rent the right-way equipped yacht.
Registration and insurance (if the yacht is in our management, then we do it ourselves).
Our company lists the yacht in all search networks and catalogs. We regularly participate in specialized exhibitions aimed at the delivery of yachts. We are constantly promoting your yacht on the web services. We do all the work of meeting and accommodating guests including all the paperwork for them. 
You will always have a Russian-speaking manager in touch. If you wish, you can agree on your vacation schedule and spend it on your own yacht for free (or rather, saving significant funds).
Estimated income.
It ranges from 12% - 23% per year. Basing on past experience we can say “In the case of using the yacht for your own holidays, the savings from vacation will greatly increase the level of profitability.
When buying a yacht for business at your own expense or leasing
The following services are proposed
The following services are proposed

1) Starting a company

2) Starting a checking account for the company or for the participants of personal accounts

3) Managing of accounting and getting legal address

4) Yacht selection

5) Completing the yacht

6) Ordering

7) Receiving

When we have received the yacht, we will provide with the following:
When we have received the yacht, we will provide with the following:

1) Completing the yacht

2) Yacht preparation

3) Obtaining an inspection certificate

4) Insurance

5) Registration of a yacht under the Croatian flag

6) Ferrying the yacht

7) Accommodation in the home marina

8) Charter management.

Further support of the charter management.
Further support of the charter management.
1. Production of the required service.
2. Technical inspection at the captain's office.
3. Insurance.
4. Advertising. (Catalogs, exhibitions, etc.)
5. Placement on the site.
6. Accommodation in the booking system.
7. Preparing for the sailing.
8. Meeting guests.
9. Registration of the necessary accompanying documents.
10. Change (check in)
11. Reception (check out)
12. Maintenance during the lease, solution of emerging technical faults.
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